King radio KMC-96 automatic antenna tuner

Technical characteristics

Power requirements: 9-15Vdc -00 version, 20-30Vdc -01 version

Current: 0.75 amp maximum


Length: 13.58 inches (34.49 cm)

Width: 8.50 inches (21.59 cm)

Height: 4.75 inches (12.07 cm)

Weight: 9.8 lbs (4.45 Kg)

Frequency range: 2.0-30.0 MHz (operates also on 1.8 MHz, 160 meter band)

Warmup time: None

RF Input Impedance: 50 Ohms

Maximum RF Power: 150 Watts, 40 Watts average

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Antenna Matching Capability:

Whip Antennas, 15-45ft

Open wire antennas, 20-75ft

Grounded antennas, 10-25ft

Tune Time: 3 sec nominal

Temperature: -55 to +55deg. celsius 1/2 hour +70deg. celsius

Equipment description

The antenna coupler provides an accurate and efficient impedance match between the antenna and the 50 Ohm output impedance of the power amplifier (included in the KING KMC-95 transceiver)

The matching network consists of an (variable, 0.6-41uH in 0.01uH steps) inductor-(variable, 25-4000pF in 1pF steps)capacitor L network. The network can be configured with a shunt inductor and series capacitor or shunt capacitor and series inductor to tune a wide range of antenna impedances.

A transformer can be switched into the input of the L network so the network will only have to transform the antenna impedance to 12.5 Ohms, and the transformer will increase the impedance to 50 Ohms.

A capacitor can be switched in series with the inductor when tuning requires less inductance than the stray inductance.

Capacitors section with high voltage reed relays (King Bendix-King Honeywell partnumber 032-00043-0000)