628T-3 HF transceiver

Development/Description        (Source: Jane's Military Communications july 5 2005)
The solid-state 628T-3() HF receiver/transmitter is designed to conform with ARINC specifications 533A/559A/404A.Controlled by a remote radio set control, the transceiver provides 280,000 operating channels with 100 Hz spacing from 2 to 30 MHz. The 628T-3() processes voice and data signals in both SSB (upper and lower) and compatible AME, as well as CW in USB.The transceiver is packaged in an ARINC 404A ATR short case and replaces the 618T-3/3B/6/6B when fitted with a 999W-3/3A passive adaptor.

A 999W-3 adapter is used to use the already existing 618T-3 setup

A 490T-1 is also interfaced is this setup. The HN antenna connector on the antenna coupler is a special Fokker Aircraft modification.

678P-1 with 714E-3 controlbox to control frequency and mode